Meredith Wendell x Sincerely, Jules

March 31, 2013

One of our favorite bloggers Sincerely, Jules has recently collaborated with Meredith Wendell and Polyvore to create this amazing bag, pictured above. The "Saucy Pan" handbag has been in the works for months, and Jules seemed super excited on her recent blog post that she finally got to introduce the bag.

The collaboration started off with Jules being invited by Polyvore to design an exclusive handbag with Meredith Wendell, who is a member of the Polyvore Designer Collective.

The bag is super gorgeous and might we say the ideal Spring piece. It has a sporty, yet feminine look that can be paired with an outfit for a casual day out or a night on the town. Jules explains that they "wanted to incorporate smell details like the pop of neon in the tassel and the bronzy cross body strap to really help give the bag that extra oomph." The bag is also a perfect size since it's not too small, not too big. Best thing about it is that you can wear the bag 3 ways: crossbody, top handle, and clutch.

You purchase the Saucy Pan handbag at Bloomingdales for $395.

Our Picks From Madewell's Spring Collection

March 30, 2013

madewell: spring picks

1. Quirky Sunglasses: Instead of sticking with the usual aviator or wayfarer sunglasses, choose something more unique and fun this spring season like these Madewell Hepcat Shades; $55 at

2. Pale Skirts: Bring back your innocent childhood days with this Madewell Something Else Laser Star Skirt; $106 at that will keep you looking young and still classy and feminine.

3. Colorful Flats: Break away from your plain white or black flats with these perfect bright-colored Madewell Simple Mary Jane Wedges; $128 at that will surely make a statement when the weather heats up.

4. Floral Dresses: As always, floral anything makes it's way into everyone's spring wardrobe. Let this Madewell Sessun Perkins Dress; $175 at sneak in so you can show off your brilliant style while keeping it casual during the day or dressing it up at night.

5. Pastel Lingerie: Even though you might not be showing these off, you'll feel confortable and sexy underneath it all with this Honeydew x Madewell Lace Bralette; $32 at and these Honeydew x Madewell Lace Boyshorts; $18 at Perfect for a little pinch of confidence when you need it most.

6. Mustard-colored Accessories: You may believe that mustard-colored accessories that should stick to being worn only during the fall season, but we totally disagree. This Madewell The Essex Messenger; $135 at is the perfect bag to put all your items in while sneaking that masculine piece to your spring & girly wardrobe.

7. Long, Gold Necklaces: As you may already know, gold is the jewelry color of the season. It has snuck it's way into tons of runway shows along with the necks, arms, and fingers of celebrities everywhere. Madewell's Cheetah Necklace Pendant; $42 at will do the trick of keeping that perfect touch of gold in your spring wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Zara Goes Tech

March 29, 2013

In my recent customary online store trawl, I logged onto to find a very pleasant surprise. Zara’s gone all technical on us - and it’s beautiful. 

As soon as you connect to the homepage, you are faced with a striking doe-eyed Zara model, who is then turned 360 degrees as the camera pans downwards, to reveal to a full view of her outfit, promoting Zara’s latest Spring collection. This short but sweet video experience is brilliantly executed. It is crisp, modern, clean cut, and allows you to perceive the clothing in a whole new light.

As the camera pans down, you are also presented with a definition of spring; a definition that really gets you in the mood to buy some new beige city shorts so stroll round in during this year’s midsummer nights. Then, when you click directly on the image, you are taken to Zara’s latest bunch of look books, which are equally as gorgeous.

I’ve seen videos on homepages before, but never like this. This blends directly into the page and the sidebar menu, creating something quite contemporary. Genius is the word I would use, and something us creative can really appreciate.

So here’s to you Zara, a big well done pat on the back, for making us fall even more in love your brand. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Look Bronze without the Bed this Season!

March 28, 2013

If you're anything like me, you love to be tan. But, you also hate hurting your skin in the process via tanning bed or UVA rays. With my sensitive skin, I wouldn't touch a tanning bed with a ten-foot pole, but I'd lay on the beach everyday if I could. Most of you know it's Spring Break season and if you're not fortunate enough to travel somewhere tropical as a broke college student, it's time to jumpstart our summers with some self-tanning!

I know what you're thinking: "But, I don't want to look orange." Well, neither do I, so here's a few products I've experimented with to turn me bronze without looking like a crayon:

Jergen's Natural Glow — Jergen's was the product I used all last winter! It's a lotion that should be applied (like all self-tanners) right after a shower (once dry, of course). Jergens is one of those products that will turn you orange if you do not buy the correct shade. If you have fair skin, I do not recommend buying Medium/Dark. I bought Light/Medium and the results were great. Jergens can be bought in any drugstore, Walmart, Target, etc. for about $9. Jergen's Natural Glow Moisturizer; $9;

QuickTan — More recently, I've switched over to the realm of self-tanning sprays. Although I haven't personally tried this specific brand, I have friends who use it, and the results are beautiful to the point that I thought it was natural upon first meeting them. QuickTan is a little more pricey, around $20 and is found in places like Sally's Beauty Supply. I have yet to hear a bad review about this product, no streaks, just an even bronze. QuickTan Sunless Tanning Mist; $20;

Salon Bronze Tanning System — The Salon Bronze spray tanning system is my newest toy! Salon Bronze comes with a can of spray tan as well as an airbrush applicator to be used in the comfort of your own home for only $12.99! When I saw this product my first thought was that the price is unbeatable! I've begun using this product and the results are perfection. A nice, even brown color that looks like I just returned from Spring Break in the Bahamas! Salon Bronze Airbrush Tanning System; $12.99;

All Hail Queen Delevingne

March 25, 2013

Cara Delevingne is fashion’s latest darling. If you aren't familiar with her yet, you need to be ASAP. Famed for her stunning looks, quirky personality and those eyebrows, Cara became the queen of fashion month. She walked in a record 39 shows, including joining fellow Brit model Kate Moss at Louis Vuitton in Paris. The 20-year-old model also has campaigns with the likes of DKNY and Zara and of course, features in Burberry’s S/S13 campaign with Victoria and David Beckham’s son Romeo.

She may be the most in-demand model of the moment. Illustrator Simeon Farrar even designed a ‘Queen Delevinge’ tee in her honour for LFW. We love Cara because she put herself out there as a real girl. People can relate to her. She knows how to let lose! When she wasn’t partying with pals Rita Ora and Rihanna in London, she was filming this hilarious video backstage at Topshop Unique with fellow models Jourdan Dunn and Rosie Tapner. Beauty, style and a fun personality? Cara’s a girl after our own hearts.

Be Blemish-Free with BB Cream

March 24, 2013

image from Style Seeking Zurich
The first time I heard about this amazing product was when one of my friends came back from Spring Break in China saying, "You have to try this!" She was waving a bottle of BB Cream in my face while saying it was a miracle in a bottle. The next thing I knew it was everywhere; every cosmetic brand was making it and everyone else was buying it.

For those of you who don't know, BB cream stands for "beauty balm" or "blemish balm." It was actually invented in the 50's and sold in Asia until the craze came to the US. Now, it has become an essential part of many people's daily makeup routine. BB cream is a light-weight serum that lightens any blemishes on one's face and makes for a more even look. The true miracle of BB cream is that it conforms to your skin tone so there's no need to worry about looking too light or too dark. It is to be worn under your foundation, but if your lucky enough, you may not even need it after BB cream corrects any flaws!

It can be found in all drugstores for as little as $8. I personally experimented with L'Oreal and Garnier brands and both do a great job. However, Garnier's product is also SPF 15 to protect your skin from UVA rays every day (yes, there are UVA rays in the winter!) as well as Vitamin C to fight brown spots from developing. Garnier's "Skin Renew BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector" comes in at about $12.99 and is worth every penny. I prefer to wear Light/Medium for my fair skin tone and in the Summer months switch over to Medium/Dark when I wear this cream in place of my foundation. BB Cream is a must-have for blemish-free, flawless skin!

Here are some of our favorite BB Cream's!

Fashion Risk Taking: Dungarees

March 23, 2013

Take me back five years and ask me what I thought about wearing dungarees, and I would have more or less replied with, ‘pregnant lady attire’. Now, however, my dungarees play a key role in my outfits, and frankly, are my wardrobes best friend. I know what you’re thinking, but bear with me; these things are magic.

It was last summer when my dungaree love affair began, when I first clapped eyes on the most perfect little kitsch set of blue and white striped dungaree shorts in New Look. It was the first time that I had ever considered them even close to a fashion statement, but those rose gold buckles did it for me. Nevertheless even for New Look, the price of them would have broken my bank, and so my dunga-hunt commenced.

Now, with dungarees crawling all over the high street’s recent S/S collections, it’s hard to imagine how difficult it was for me to find another pair last summer. But the trend had only just been dabbled into and it was dare I say a, tough one. However, even now, whilst Miss Selfridge and Topshop are stocked up in them, I beg you, don’t buy into that overprice malarkey; second hand is the way forward for dungarees.

I purchased my pair for a fabulous $20 in my local Pop Boutique vintage store, who also, may I add, do a damn good student discount. They were originally from Gap and are dark wash denim and I just love them.

When Summer ended, I became a little saddened to tuck them back away in my drawer, away from the woolly jumpers for winter. But that was until last month when I paired them with some thermal tights, a long sleeved tee and some Office heeled bootie. Oh dungarees, you do not seize to amaze me.

Now, rant over, I do admit, they are like Marmite. But I will tell you one thing, it definitely won’t just be pregnant ladies sporting the dungarees this Summer, whether you like it or not. Short shorts, watch this space.

Deck Out Your iPhone this Spring

March 22, 2013

Forget purses and sunglasses this Spring season. Accessorizing your iPhone seems to be all the rage. And let's face it; most people these days own one, and your best accessory this Spring could be your case. Whether your into bright colors, bold stripes or even florals, a iPhone case is a great way to make a statement.

Click through the slideshow to view some of our favorite cases to add a little flare to your iPhone.

Blogger Buzz: Kayley at Sidewalk Ready

March 21, 2013

Name: Kayley Heeringa
Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Stylish in Sequins: Tell us a little about yourself.
Kayley Heeringa: I am the founder and primary blogger of Sidewalk Ready – Everyday Fashion. I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI and am proud to continue to call it home.

SIS: Why did you start blogging?
KH: A friend suggested the idea to me. At the time, I knew nothing about it, but loved the concept. I started Sidewalk Ready the next day!

SIS: We see that you own a photography business, are a retail store employee, and a hairstylist. How do you balance it all with running your blog?
KH: I am actually in between retails jobs right now so it’s freed up some time! I am most inspired when I have my hands in many projects. I definitely have to have some discipline when it comes to my schedule and keeping myself accountable for getting everything done!

SIS: What retail store do you work at? What is your opinion on retail?
KH: I recently left a position at the Gap. I know a lot of people have negative opinions when it comes to working retail but I really enjoyed it. It kept me inspired to see new items that were coming in and imagining how I would integrate them into my own wardrobe.

SIS: What kind of camera/editing program do you use?
KH: All of my pictures are shot on a Nikon d3 and we typically use a sigmna 85mm/f1.4 lens. All of my photos are edited in Lightroom.

SIS: What is the wallpaper on your cell phone? Your computer?
KH: The wallpaper on my cell phone is from the movie “Toy Story” – It is the cloud wallpaper on the walls in Andy’s Room! My computer wallpaper is an image that was taken for a social media campaign I did with Diet Coke last fall.

SIS: What are your top 3 luxury, higher priced brands?
KH: I absolutely love 7 For All Mankind Jeans. For casual wear, Joie has amazing, practical clothing. I also really admire Parker, especially the evening wear. I just have few opportunities to dress up!

SIS: What are your top 3 fashionable, lower-priced brands?
KH: I love shopping at the mall. The brands you will most frequently see me wearing are Gap, Banana Republic, and Anthropologie.

SIS: What is your favorite makeup brand? Any good makeup tips?
KH: My favorite make up actually comes from a local boutique called The Leslie Studio. I don’t have any great tips, however, I will say that my absolutely favorite part of my make up is a mineral powder. I don’t use it for added coverage, but instead for the glow it gives my skin. It has the perfect subtle shimmer!

SIS: We saw that you have a tattoo on your arm! Tell us a little about it.
KH: The tattoo on my arm is one that I got this past fall. It is a Hebrew transliteration and represents a bible verse that means a lot to me.

SIS: What's the piece of clothing in your closet that you couldn't live without?

KH: The perfect jeans. I wear jeans regularly. Especially this time of year when it’s not warm enough to sport bare legs and I am sick to death of tights!

Spring's Top Jewelry Trends Straight from the Runway

March 20, 2013

Big, bold and fabulous is what this years jewelry trends are all about. This Spring it's all about being glamourous in giant, chunky gold pieces. Also, pulling from our planets own natural beauties, designers are using feathers, flowers and jewel tones to spice up their spring lines. The biggest trends we're seeing on the runways this spring are:

Gold: The traditional metal is getting revamped with ropes, intricate moldings, studs, and earthy stones. Pile on studs to keep that rocker flare or stick with simplicity with this gorgeous heart ring. H&M Ring 4-Pack $8 at; Kenneth Jay Lane Gold Chain Necklace $330 at; Phoebe Coleman Gold Heart Ring $150 at
Precious stones: Turquoise, ruby reds and royal purples bring a hint of class to any outfit. Keep it classy and expensive with enormous, bright stones that will keep you looking fresh and glam. Banana Republic Pale Green Chunky Necklace $220 at; Buba London Purple & Gold Cuff Bracelet $170 at;  Talullah's Coral & Turquoise Ring $50 at

Nature: Feathers, flowers, branches and more! This is my favorite trend this spring! Play with bright colors such as yellow, pink and blue. Or stick with the classics and go for a mixture of two trends, like gold, precious stones, or all three! Jamie Joseph Feather Ring $330 at; Accessorize Flower Statement Necklace at $25 at; CC Skye Feather Bangle $52 at 

The Award Season Style Round Up

March 19, 2013

As award season comes to an end, it has left us with great memories, and yes, we are talking about the numerous Jennifer Lawrence incidents because who can forget that trip up the stairs. But, of course we still love her! And lets not forget the dresses, the ball gowns, the lace, the Prada, and the Dior. This year definitely wins the award for the best dressed award season! I'm sure we all remember Anne Hathaway in pink Prada, and J-Law in that stunning bridal esque gown by Dior Haute couture. But forget about ceremony; this year was all about the Vanity Fair Oscar after party! This is were the real fashions seemed to peek out.

We had the paintbox bright selection of dresses; the blues, the reds, the yellows. Because if you can't wear a primary color to the Vanity fair party when can you?! Then, came the shorties (minidresses) absolutely rocked by Liberty Ross. Then the lace ladies, the beaded dresses, the all in white gowns, and every other type of dress you could only ever dream of. And ladies, praise the lord for the high street, because it is bristling with replicas of these dresses and so much more. And if you follow the celeb pack and rock these dresses, believe me all eyes will be on you!

Scroll down to check out some of the trends we spotted on the red carpet this year!





LC Lauren Conrad Spring 2013 Kohl's Collection

March 18, 2013

As Spring slowly sneaks it way in, we begin to see designer’s create new collections that will surely keep your closet bright and colorful as the weather warms up. One of our favorite designer collaborations, LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s, seems to never disappoint us.

From bright-colored skater dresses to simple & classic silhouettes, Lauren Conrad really hit the nail straight on the head this Spring season. LC has a way of designing clothing that are comfortable yet incredibly chic at a more than reasonable price.

Tip: If you don’t have a Kohl’s credit card, it is highly recommended. As you probably know, Kohl’s already has great deals, but with the credit card, you can get even more great discounts on top of what’s already a great deal. I have to say that with the credit card, I have never paid full price for an item at Kohl’s.

Keep it girly and cool with these ruffled & polka-dotted pieces by LC Lauren Conrad. Sheer Collar Navy Tank; $40, Polka Dot Shorts; $44, Crisp White Blazer; $70; Green Bow Tank; $36, Black Lace Shorts; $48.

Ring in the spring season with this perfect hi-low skirt or this floral print flowy dress. High Low Emerald Green Chiffon Skirt; $58, Woven Collar Top $36, Floral Print Dress; $60

Keep it classic with these perfect-for-work ensembles from LC’s new Spring collection. Crochet Collar Striped Blouse; $44, Dark Wash Pencil Jeans; $54, Curve-Hugging Pink Pleated Bow Dress; $60, Wooden Platform Heels; $60

Tis the Spring season in these perfect bright colored pants or this retro-style black & white dress! Lace Trim White Sweater; $50, Faded Red Cuffed Jeans; $50, Black Platform Pumps; $60, White Polka Dot Collar Dress; $60, Strappy Nude Heels; $70

Going Green for Spring

March 17, 2013

Wishing all our lovely readers a perfect St. Patrick's Day. Hangout with friends, wear green, and have a time to remember!

It's officially March, which means blooming flowers, St. Patrick's Day festivities, and the beginning of baseball season. When you think of fashion during this rainy season, your go-to colors are generally those pretty, girly pastels like bubblegum pink and sky blue. Pastels are signature Spring colors, obviously, but this season, emerald's the thing, and just in time for St. Partrick's Day! Not only should you sport your vintage emerald cardigan with your "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" pin today, but feel free to stick with emerald green all season long!

Try out some of our favorite St. Patrick's Day pieces below!

st patrick's day spirit

Top Shop Cross Bust Dress at; Zenggi Cardigan at;  Guiseppe Zanotti at; Steve Madden Mint Green High-Tops at; Tory Burch Chain Minibag at; Kenneth Jay Lane Circular Bib Necklace at; Gold & Emerald Bangle Trio at; River Island Green Rib Knit Beanie Hat at; YSL Eyeliner at; China Glaze "Running in Circle" nailpolish at   

Your Ultimate Spring Playlist

March 16, 2013

Although Lady Winter still has her grasp on the weather, Spring is sneaking in! With those random days when it's just barely warm enough to roll down your windows and blast the music, good tunes are a must. And on those gloomy cold days when the only thing keeping you awake is the song blaring in your headphones, a new playlist is definitely needed. So we've compiled a little list to keep your day moving and your eyes wide open. The list is a mix of genres and beats, fast and slow, pop and rock; because the best mixes combine a little bit of everything! So whether you're lounging around on lazy Sunday or running errands, these songs should keep you excited about life. Enjoy!

Calvin Harris featuring Florence-Sweet Nothing
Taylor Swift-I Knew You Were Trouble
Madonna-Hung Up
The Black Keys-Lonely Boy
FloRida-I Cry
Will.I.Am featuring Britney Spears-Scream & Shout
The Vaccines-Wreckin' Bar
Swedish House Mafia-Don't You Worry Child
Alicia Keys-Girl On Fire
Maroon 5-Daylight
Fleet Foxes-Mykonos
Mumford & Sons-I Will Wait
Ellie Goulding-Lights
Of Monsters & Men-Little Talks
Christina Perri-Arms
Carly Rae Jepsen-Call Me Maybe
Carrie Underwood-Good Girl
Kesha-Die Young
Cee Lo Green-Bright Lights, Bigger City
Robyn-Dancing On My Own
Alex Clare-Too Close
Mark Bronson & The Business INT-Bang Bang Bang
The Avert Brothers-Kick Drum Heart

Company Magazine Blogger Awards: Help us Win!

March 15, 2013

We just found out about Company Magazine's Style Blogger Awards, and would be honored if we won! Please help us out by clicking here and filling in the following:

Your Email:
Blog URL:
Entry Category: Best Fashion blog

Thank you all so much! Please share this with your friends and help us come out on top!

American Eagle Spring Style Guide

As a loyal American Eagle customer/ex-employee, I've always had a soft spot for American Eagle in my heart which is exactly why I chose AE to feature for the Spring Style Guide. I love the boho, classic feel from American Eagle clothing along with the fact that there's something for just about everyone to fall in love with. 

Below we've created the ultimate slideshow showing off our Top 8 trends for the Spring season. All clothing is from American Eagle Outfitters and can be purchased through the link under the photo in the "info" tab. Hope everyone finds something new to add to their wardrobe!

Click through to see all the new Spring 2013 trends from American Eagle Outfitters!

Blogger Buzz: Tieka at Selective Potential

March 14, 2013

Tieka is a graphic designer and blogger at from Michigan who lives with her boyfriend and her adorable puppy, Winny. Her style is vintage flare mixed with a bit of classic chic, and we couldn't love it more. Read on to learn a bit more about one of our new favorite bloggers, Tieka at Selective Potential. 

1. First, tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Tieka! I'm a graphic designer/personal style blogger living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I graduated with my bachelor's degree in digital media from a small art and design college. I live with my boyfriend, Eric, and our puppy, Winny. I love fashion, adventure, traveling and exploring my home state. In my free time, I love to play guitar, sing, read blogs, ride my mint-green scooter and enjoy the outdoors!

2. How is Michigan fashion different from other places?
Michigan fashion is definitely different compared to other big cities like NYC, but I'd say we're just a midwestern state when it comes to fashion. Most of the girls love leggings, North Face fleeces and Ugg boots. Ha! But honestly, we have a lot of seriously stylish girls living here. The biggest thing about Michigan fashion is dressing for warmth in our cold winters, and being just as flexible to dress for 90-degree days come summer. We need vast wardrobes, compared to say someone in San Fran!

3. Do you like it in Michigan or would you rather live in a big city?
Honestly, I love Michigan. I don't want to move anywhere else - ever. Ha! I found a really great career opportunity here after college and I have everything I need here. I'm a true small-town gal at heart, but I also love the city, so living in Grand Rapids gives me the best of both worlds. Plus living here is so cheap that I can honestly travel a lot more often!

4. Where is the farthest/most interesting place you've traveled to?
The farthest place I've traveled is San Francisco! I've actually never been out of the country - not even to Canada or Mexico. And to be totally honest, the most INTERESTING place I've traveled to is the upper peninsula in Michigan. Silly, I know, but it's a different world up there. You can drive for miles and miles without a single road sign or anything. You can turn off a tiny road and come across one of the most beautiful waterfalls you've ever seen. It's magical!

5. We saw that you were ModCloth's Blogger of the Moment! How exciting was that? Tell us a bit about the experience.
Yes! That was a few years ago now, but it happened pretty soon after I started Selective Potential. It was so exciting - I was thrilled! Of course, I love ModCloth, but to have an interview on their blog, and a dress named after me - it was crazy. That was definitely one of the highlights of having my blog so far.

6. You've also opened up your own Goodsie store. Tell us about how to run it and what it has in store for our audience.
My Goodsie store is just a "shop-your-closet" feature, an extension of Selective Potential. I use it to clean out my closet, offer my readers the chance to shop my items before I donate them and it helps keep my closet organized! In the future, I will be doing a huge spring overhaul and re-opening it! I'm excited.

7. You talk about your puppy a lot on your blog. What's he/she like?
Winny is adorable! She's a 7-month old Cockapoo puppy. We got her when she was only 2 months old. She's the sweetest little girl ever. I love taking her on adventures with us. Her temperament is so sweet and I love that she's part of my family.

8. Being out in Michigan, do you mostly shop online or in stores? How's the shopping in your area?
The shopping in our area is pretty average. In our local malls, we have great stores like Forever 21, J Crew, Francesca's Collections and what not. If I want an Urban Outfitters, I have to travel about an hour. If I want an H&M, about 3 hours. It's really not bad, but we're only 3 hours away from Chicago which holds amazing shopping. Plus we have a lot of thrift and vintage boutiques here. Of course, I do a ton of shopping online too!

9. What is the coolest fashion event you've ever attended?
When I first started blogging, Jessica of What I Wore invited a bunch of bloggers to a Dove party in NYC. It was my first fashion week, and I remember meeting a bunch of my favorite bloggers for the first time. I was so overwhelmed! We had drinks at the cutest tea room, and then rode around in a limo in NYC. We even stopped in the middle of Times Square for outfit photos! I have a giant poster-sized print of that night in my blog studio. It is one to never forget!

10. What was your dream job when you were young? What's your dream job now?
My dream when I was REALLY young was to be a singer. Haha! I had a little karaoke machine I'd carry around with me everywhere. It eventually turned into nurse because I seriously love working with elderly people. But I knew my passion for creativity would always be a huge priority, so I went into graphic design. My dream job now is pretty much where I stand - a graphic designer for a small firm. I'm a lucky gal that I found what I was looking for so early in the game!

Suit Up for Resort Season

March 13, 2013

While some of us are already dreading bathing-suit season every night at the gym, others have been lucky enough to escape this winter weather and get a jump-start with recent vacations to tropical islands and beyond. Within the past week I've seen skin far too dark for March, leading me to realize I've completely missed out on resort season memo. Rather than dwelling, I'll continue to go extra hard at the gym and start my summer research.

Although it's barely clothing, there are plenty of colors, prints, styles, and silhouettes when it comes to swimwear allowing us to flatter our bodies and let our personalities shine this summer. High-waists, deep V's, peplum, and ruffles are all perfect, flirty summer trends to incorporate into your bathing-suit this season. Below are some of the best suits I've come across this season! Once you've found your caftan, denim shorts, wedges, and wide brimmed-hat, you've got your summer uniform and can move past that FOMO you felt for not planning that much needed vaca. Try on that bikini and you'll be able to see winter's end is near!
Kicking It on the Coast Reversible Swimsuit
Top in Balconette, $144.99
Bottom, $89.99
Where It's At Swimsuit in Seaglass, $122
Fiesta Fever Swimsuit
Convertible Crossback Top, $62
Tab Side Basic Bottoms, $52
Trina Turk "Summer of Love" One Piece Swimsuit, $138
MARC by Marc Jacobs Peplum Maillot Swimsuit in  Ink Blue, $177
DVF x Roxy Bikini in Hopskotch Multi
Knotted Bandeau Top, $54
Paneled Side Bikini Bottoms, $46

What, When, Wear: Coachella

March 12, 2013

What: Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
When: Friday to Sunday April 12-14
            Friday to Sunday April 19-21
Where: Empire Polo Club 
81-800 Avenue 51 
Indio, CA 92201

Catch some of your favorite musicians and bands at one of the most memorable and captivating music festivals in the country: Coachella. It has been a festival not only about seeing the greatest musicians of that year, but the experience overall makes memories for you and your friends you will never forget. Let’s not forget about the unforgettable TuPac hologram they had in 2012 that has over 19 million views on YouTube. We can’t wait to see what extravagant things they do this year.

Another huge aspect of this festival is the fashion. Many celebrities attend and set the trends for the weekend. The clothes have a hobo-chic, relaxed feel. The style is a combination of Free People meets vintage thrift shops. You want to keep in mind that it will be hot, and while you want to look your best, you also want to be comfortable when jamming out to your all time favorite bands. Floral print bags, studded shorts, flowing skirts, retro sunglasses, and mix-match necklaces are some of the popular pieces at Coachella. Ideas for outfits throughout the weekend:

photo provided by: Hudson & Bleeker

Hundreds of respectable artists will be performing ranging from Alternative, to EDM (electric dance music), to Hip-Hop. Some names you might recognize include, Vampire Weekend, 2 Chainz, Portugal the Man, Bingo Players, Wolfgang, Phoenix, and Pretty Lights to name a few. You can find the full line-up at They even have an awesome widget called “coachooser” which you can use to create your own personalized line-up and get all the shows in order!

One of the best perks of the festival is that you camp on the grounds for the whole weekend. Most of the audience camps on the grounds with their cars or tents. There are alternative ways to including near-by hotels and vacation rentals. If you want more information of that you can go to:

Ticket prices range from $349 to $799 depending on if you want General Admission, General Admission/Shuttle Combo, or the ultimate VIP pass.

When you choose what weekend you want to attend and pay for it, there are NO TICKETS; Coachella uses a wristband system. So make sure you wear those things like they are made of gold! Follow Front Gate Tickets on Facebook, a legit site to buy tickets for the biggest music festivals and check their site for any questions about Coachella:

Beauty Radar: Rihanna x MAC

March 11, 2013

After coming out with a collection for River Island recently Rihanna is experimenting with another industry, the beauty industry. She's collaborated with the famous MAC Cosmetics to create a limited edition makeup line.

Following the excitement for her recent River Island collection, we have no doubt that her collaboration with MAC will be just as on point. We saw what she will be coming out with, and trust us, it's a good thing that she's creating more than just a lipstick like Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks have done.

The collection consists of a lipstick which is called "RiRi Woo" and that is because of her love, and everyone else's love, for MAC's "Ruby Woo". This lipstick is to be released in May and will be the first of the her products up for grabs. The collection has neutral colors which we think is brilliant when starting a collection of your own. From what you can see from the image below Rihanna's MAC collection is perfect for the beauty beginner as well as someone who's looking to add a little spunk to their look. 

When being interviewed by WWD Rihanna explains why she wanted to collaborate with MAC. She goes on to explain: “When you think of makeup, the brand that pops into your mind — for something legit — is MAC. Whatever color you want, it’s like ‘Let’s go to MAC!" What do you think will be the outcome of this genius collaboration? 

35 Ways to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

March 10, 2013

With mid-terms quickly approaching and stress levels at an all time high, it can be easy to get into a swing of bad habits. Eating poorly, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise can all contribute to more side effects of stress. We want to do our part in making sure everyone keeps calm & stays healthy. 

Here are 35 things to help you lead a healthy lifestyle, no matter what time of year it is.

1. Get at least 7 hours of sleep.
2. Take power naps (20 minutes max).
3. Drink Green Tea - it's cleansing and rehydrating.
4. Eat an apple every morning - it has more vitamins than any healthy breakfast.
5. Start your day with soothing music.
6. Watch the news - stay informed.
7. Read a book for your own enjoyment, not for school.
8. Go for a run - or do some sort of cardio.
9. LAUGH - even if it's at nothing.
10. Be optimistic.
11. Appreciate everything around you - it makes life a little brighter.
12. Wear bright colors or floral prints on a cloudy day.
13. Take time out of your day to do something you love.
14. Get rid of the negativity in your life, including people.
15. Break free from social networks, they're all drama.
16. Make eye contact with everyone you meet.
17. Smile, you never know who's watching.
18. Stay hydrated, it will keep you awake and alert.
17. Eat protein, it will help you focus.
18. Volunteer - there's no greater feeling than helping others.
19. Explore new places.
20. Forgive and forget.
21. Have a glass of wine.
22. Don't judge others until you've walked a mile in their shoes.
23. Keep a list of your goals and dreams, constantly add and edit this list.
24. Keep a journal and write every night before bed. It will keep your mind clear and calm.
25. Be a good friend, and a great lover.
26. Compliment others.
27. Do something crazy and unexpected with your friends.
28. Forget about revenge.
29. Be confident, you're beautiful.
30. Go for a walk, absorb and enjoy your surroundings.
31. Give yourself some alone time.
32. Grow from rejection.
33. Call your mom just to say "I love you."
34. Strive to make someone's day, everyday.
35. And lastly, make your own little list like this and try to live by it.

Destination: Spring Break

March 9, 2013

For all of you who are jetting off to a tropical destination for spring break, it's time to pack your bags with the newest, and cutest beachwear. This spring is loaded with punchy colors & floral prints, as well as, ultra sporty minimal looks. Whatever look you're going for, these pool-side and beach essentials will keep you looking chic throughout your entire hiatus.

Click through the slideshow to check out the latest beach/pool wear.

DVF x Roxy Launch Party

March 8, 2013

Last Wednesday, March 6th, our Editor-in-Chief, Kristen Bousquet, took a trip to the Quicksilver/Roxy store in Soho, New York City to attend the launch party for one of the the most highly anticipated collaborations this year: Diane von Furstenberg x Roxy. 

Tons of amazing people were in attendance from DVF herself to Vanessa Hudgens to the two models who are featured in the DVF x Roxy campaign. Indie rock blasted from the DJ’s speakers while tons of dressed-up fashion enthusiasts snapped photos for blogs and magazines.

Our favorite part was the Instagram printing station. When customers shot photos and posted them to their Instagram account with #DVFLovesRoxy in the caption, you’d receive a gorgeous printed out version of your Instagram photo with DVF’s print on the background. Everyone who submitted an Instagram photo also received a raffle ticket to be entered in a raffle to win one of the amazing prizes such as $100 Roxy gift cards to a custom surf board signed by DVF herself.

Yes, the event was fun, but the main focus was on the clothing. When we first heard about this collaboration, we had a hard time imagining what would come out of it, but it was nothing but pure genius. Classic Roxy silhouettes crossed with DVF’s perfect patterns made for some of the most adorable bathing suits, bags, and tops we’ve seen. The collection consisted of everything you’d need for the beach from surfer shorts to bathing suits to beach bags, and we have to admit that we loved every piece. 

Best part of the collaboration? The prices! From $38 to $88, you can have something that was designed by DVF (which in our book is pure perfection). Click through the slideshow above to view some of Kristen’s photos from the event.

To view all of the products from the DVF x Roxy collaboration, click here.

Blogger Buzz: Sammy at My Lady Boudoir

March 7, 2013

My Lady Boudoir is written by the fabulous Sammy Challenger. From the UK, she loves to show off her edgy and city slick style to all her fellow fashion lovers. On top of being a fashion blogger, Sammy also loves to write about weddings on her wedding blog, WeddingBoudoir. Make sure you check out what Sammy had to say when we asked her all about the UK and fashion!

Name: Sammy
Blogging From: Cambridge, England

Stylish In Sequins: We hear you’re from the UK! What your favorite part of living there? 
Sammy: I love the architecture! Cambridge is a very beautiful city :)

SIS: Tell us what a normal day for a London fashion blogger is like.
Sammy: Some days are a lot busier than others, i often spend the day going through outfits and taking photos and thinking of the next thing to write about. I really enjoy it :)

SIS: On your blog, you also post a lot of your own photography. It’s amazing! How did you get into that? 
Sammy: I just started off with a normal compact camera and when my dad gave me his old Canon 350d I started to be more experimental with my photos and i started looking at photography books and magazines which is where I get most of my tips from. I have now upgraded to a 600d which has helped with getting better photos.

SIS: What/where is your biggest source of inspiration? 
Sammy: I always look at weheartit for not only fashion inspiration but also photography, it’s an amazing site!

SIS: What is the coolest job you’ve ever had? 
Sammy: I have never done anything special really! I would say blogging is by far the coolest thing I have ever done!

SIS: Favorite hobbies? 
Sammy: Keeping fit, dancing yoga and of course photography!

SIS: Tell us Americans about some of your favorite UK bands/singers. 
Sammy: I've been a fan of a band called Mcfly for many years! (not sure if you know them or not) I’ve been a fan since 2004 and been to every gig!

SIS: We also read that you also run a wedding blog, Wedding Boudoir. Tell us a little bit about that.
Sammy: I started wedding boudoir after I got engaged in 2011 to write about my wedding planning and to share inspirational photos as a kind of mood board for when I need some inspiration

SIS: What is your favorite trend from Spring Fashion Week? 
Sammy: I love pastel coloured clothes! I’m a big fan of colours, I’m into wearing a lot of black/grey coloured clothes.

SIS: Have you ever attended any London Fashion Week events? 
Sammy: Unfortunately I haven’t, I hope to in the future though!

SIS: You also run the FBL (Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle) group on Facebook! Tell our readers a bit more about that.
Sammy: FBL (which stands for fashion, beauty, lifestyle) was created by a blogger called Jess from lookwhatigot and I got involved at the very beginning and become an admin. We have weekly twitter chats #fblchat and the group of full of lovely bloggers who love to get to know new bloggers and keep up with the bloggers they already know. It’s a really nice community and plenty of bloggers to meet!

SIS: If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? 
Sammy: I would have to say Victoria Beckham. Shes so inspirational and I love her style. I met her at a book signing in London a few years and she was so friendly, shes a really nice person. I would love to talk fashion with her, that would be amazing!

Rihanna for River Island

March 5, 2013

Global superstar Rihanna has taken the leap from singer to fashion designer with a collection for UK brand River Island. It hit shops on March 5th after a highly-anticipated debut at London Fashion Week, which saw every celeb from Kate Bosworth and Cara Delevingne to One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson in the front row.

The collection is full of flashes of neon yellow, sporty jumpsuits and, er, crotch-bearing mesh. Ok, so it isn’t all wearable, but what did we expect from the wild Barbadian singer? It was hardly going to be a conservative collection, was it? However, there are a few style steals that are a must-have for fans of the sports luxe trend that shows no signs of dying out, plus a few simple pieces that could be glammed-up with some fierce accessories and killer heels for an edgy, sexy look.

Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think. Check out to see more pieces from Rihanna’s collection, including cropped jumpers, denim hot pants and heeled trucker boots.

Trend Alert: Sold on Gold

March 4, 2013

If you've been watching the world's runway shows this Spring, you'll notice that the runways are covered in glamourous gold. I've always been more of a silver girl, but lately I've been decked out in gold everything. From high end Michael Kors studded clutches to classic gold H&M nail polish, just about anyone can afford something gold to keep in their wardrobe.

Shown below, you'll see some of our favorite looks featuring the new glam in gold look. From left to right we have: Badgley Mischka, Michael Kors, Jenny Packham, Reem Acra, Suno. 

Kate Spade Watch; $225; at | Kenneth Jay Lane Gold-Plated Chain Necklace; $330; at | Wide Pyramid Stud Stretch Bracelet; $23; at | Michael Kors Gia Studded Clutch; $795; at | Giuseppe Zanotti Suede and Crystal Cocktail Loafer; $1,232; at | Gold Nail Varnish; $4; at

Blogger Buzz: Lindsey at Trendbetter

March 1, 2013

Lindsey McElroy is the smiling face behind Trend Better. Raised in what she considered a style deprived city, McElroy has moved to the great city of Boston and started a life of style & class with her perfect puppy, Vivienne. Inspired by her grandmother, Lindsey's style is glamorous. She could pair fur with anything, and drools over the latest Tiffany catalogue, but again, what girl doesn't? Take an inside look at the author behind the fashion blog, Trend Better.

Name: Lindsey McElroy
Blogging from: Boston, MA

1. So, you're from Boston—what's your favorite part of Boston, why?
I am actually from a small town in North East Ohio but moved to Boston a little over a year ago
from Los Angeles. My favorite part of Boston is definitely the architecture. The brownstones are
the heart and soul of the city and their history and beauty fascinate me. When I first moved to
Boston I would walk around for hours taking in the detail and character of each building. There is
nothing else like it; the architecture is incredibly gorgeous.

2. We also saw that you lived in LA for a few years. What's the biggest different between LA &
Other than the obvious weather, the LA lifestyle is completely opposite of the Boston lifestyle. LA is so laid back; no one is ever hurried or stressing about where they need to be. Los Angeles has a very “go with the flow” mentality. Boston is extremely fast paced, people always seem to be running late and rushing to get somewhere or get something done.

3. And how is the fashion different?
LA is full of risk takers! Nobody cares what anyone else thinks; everyone has their own style and they rock it. Boston has a fantastic fashion scene but the fashion risks people take are a little less drastic and a little more classic, which I love!

4. How did your interest in fashion come about?
As long as I can remember I have always been interested in fashion, which probably stemmed from spending so much time with my glamorous grandmother. We would flip through catalogues and have fashion shows in her living room while sipping tea. Watching her get dressed, style her hair and apply make up was my favorite past time, I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Her closet with filled with designer duds are her jewelry boxes were overflowing with exotic pieces, her bedroom was my little piece of heaven.

5. Other than blogging, what have you done to pursue your career in fashion?
I think it is something I do everyday. I am constantly flipping through fashion magazines, reading designer biographies and keeping an eye out for recurring trends. Spending two years working for a fashion powerhouse also gave me an inside scoop to the everyday grind, which is invaluable. Styling is also something I am interested in, showing women how and why to dress a certain way has always been a passion of mine and something that I am pursuing.

6. We're incredibly impressed that you interned with BCBGMAXAZRIA! Tell us how you landed this internship. What was your title? Responsibilities?
I went to college at Bowling Green State University in Ohio and the College Recruiter from BCBG came to a fall career fair. I briefly spoke to her, grabbed her card and sent her an email as soon as I got back to my apartment. She responded and we scheduled a phone interview for the next week. I landed a position as a Recruitment intern and was responsible for supporting the recruiting department, which meant getting to sit in on interviews, sourcing resumes and calling potential candidates. I loved my time spent at BCBG, I learned so much and met some incredible people!

7. What is your favorite trend for the Spring 2013 season?
Definitely black and white, I’m obsessed. All I see when I walk into a store is black and white; I am so drawn to it. I love the modern mixed with the classic vibe it gives off.

8. One item in your closet that you can't live without?
My charcoal grey, snakeskin print Gap legging jeans. What a mouthful! I wear them with everything. The snakeskin is subtle enough to wear with a dressy printed top but also has enough personality to pair with a basic tee.

9. We hear you have a pet chihuahua & she was a rescue dog! Tell us a little about that.
Vivienne! Her story is one of my favorites. I had just moved to Los Angeles, literally it was my first day there after my family had flown back to Ohio. I was alone in my studio apartment and I was traumatized. I had never lived on my own and I was in a city where I didn’t know ONE person. I did the only thing I could think of and googled the nearest dog shelter. I walked in and immediately saw Vivienne (then named Daisy) in a small cage at the entrance of the shelter. All the dogs that were going to be put to sleep after closing were “showcased” in the shelter entryway. The bio on her cage said she was a biter and was very timid (shaky). I asked the nearest volunteer if I could hold her and watched as he slid his hands into full length black leather gloves and scoop up her terrified little frame. He handed her to me and she immediately nuzzled into my neck behind my hair and I knew she was mine. She was a measly 3 pounds at 2 years old (she now weighs 7 pounds and is as healthy as ever). I have had her for over three years and she has never bit anyone and thinks she’s a Doberman, so don’t believe everything you are told. Animal rescue is something very dear to my heart and I encourage everyone to check out the local shelter before purchasing a dog.

10. If you could have any job you wanted, what/where would it be? What would you do?
This one. I love what I am doing with Trendbetter. It allows me to be creative, I get to make my own rules and write about what I want to write about. I pour my heart and soul into every post and I get so much joy out of knowing that I am helping women everyday in their struggle with fashion. It is the best job in the world.

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