Patterned Trousers: From Bleak to Chic

February 28, 2013

Patterned trousers have stepped up as one this season’s hottest trends. As trousers are always the perfect staple for any outfit, trousers that have color and pattern to them can turn any bleak day to chic day.

Pants this season have transformed into being a bit looser and more cropped,reflecting a more masculine and sophisticated look.  Who really loves to try on pants?  We know we don’t and it’s a good thing that this  pet
peeve will end as soon as you realize how easy it is to wear these pants. Paired with a white tee or denim cropped shirt, a what may have been a dull outfit is now a fashion forward look. Patterned trousers can be seen anywhere, from Forever 21 to Saks Fifth Avenue.  

Another beauty of the patterned trouser is day to night versatility. Olivia Palermo is seen wearing her patterned trousers with a sophisticated blazer and a tee with a splash of color underneath.  This look is great for a night out with friends, or you could lose the heels and wear this outfit to work. Rihanna replaced the classy blazer and tee look with a denim cropped shirt and combat boots for more a more edgy look. Our favorite look was Beyonce’s. A smart tip that we have for you when trying out patterned trousers is less it more. B paired her tribal trousers with a simple black tee and jacket. Instead of going all out of the top when wearing spicier pants, try a simple plain color to make yourself look more laid back and classic. Don’t be afraid to follow in RiRi or Beyonce’s footsteps and try out this amazing new Spring trend!

Marc Jacobs Says RIP to Nail Art

For all you readers who are obsessed with all Marc Jacobs products, whether it be his gorgeous leather bags or his quirky jewelry, you will be glad to hear that he’s adding a new product to his list: nail polish. However, critics are predicting that this new addition could lead to the death of nail art as we know it. 

Sephora has partnered with Marc Jacobs to sell two new nail polish colors in their stores. Both colors were taken off of Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 runway show. The first color, called “shiny”, is a normal clear coat; while the other color is a deep luscious red, named “Jezebel”. It’s not just the brand name that is attracting customers; these products were created to be long lasting and only require one coat of polish. These seem like pretty normal colors…so why would this lead to the death of nail art you’re still wondering?

Marc Jacobs first exhibited the “shiny” color on the hands of his models. By doing this, he made a big statement. He expressed to the fashion week community that colored nails are not important enough to be shown on the runway anymore. As he is one of the most influential designers in the industry, critics are worried that this statement will filter down and eventually lead to the elimination of all colored nails. Marc Jacobs is a huge inspiration, starting with the “Grunge Look” of the 1990’s all the way to his bright colored looks designed for Louis Vuitton. His creations seem to be reflected all over the world, so why wouldn’t this one be next?

Unfortunately for all of you pining for nail art inspiration on Pinterest, or stalking #nailart on Instagram, it’s time to get out the nail polish remover and say goodbye to creative nails. Marc Jacobs has spoken, and rumor has it the fashion world is about to listen. 

Outfit Alert: Pieces to Transform your Winter Wardrobe for Spring

February 27, 2013

Since Spring seems to be slowly pushing winter out of it's way, I've been slowly breaking out all of my brighter and more lightweight clothes. It feels so great to stray from giant, comfy sweaters and snow boots to something that brightens your mood and the mood of those around you. 

I decided to pair these amazing Cynthia Rowley pants that I just purchased for $25 at Marshalls (but you can get them from Cynthia Rowley as well) with the floral blouse I also got at Marshalls for a trendy and comfortable Spring look. The weather (besides today) in New York has been just wonderful. The sun is finally starting to come out and shine beyond the giant buildings and right into my window.

What's your favorite piece to wear during the Winter to Spring transition season?

Blood Orange Cynthia Rowley Pants; $79 at | Tan Floral Blouse; $16.99; at your local Marshalls store | PacSun Silver Tribal Necklace; $10; at (similar) | White & Silver Studded Flats; $20; (similar)

Five New Fashionable Spring Trends To Try

5 Spring Trends to Try!

At winter comes to a close, Spring is finally beginning to approach us (us East Coasters are crossing our fingers)! There are so many great trends this coming season, you might not know which one to try first! 

1. Polka Dots: We think polka dots are the perfect girly, yet not overly preppy way to experiment this spring. We personally love these sheer, no-sleeve blouses. You can wear them during the day to work, school, or etc with a pair of jeans. You could also transition them into night by throwing on a cute mini  skirt or a pair of white jeans. Not to mention sheer blouses are once again on trend. "Double the trouble" as they say.

2. Mint: Mint is the ideal pastel at the moment. Not too Easter, yet not too dark and dreary. We're obsessed. We know we'll be incorporating a few mint pieces into our wardrobes this Spring!

3. Peplum: Peplum was introduced subtly last spring, but it's back and in full force this Spring season! Peplum is our favorite new staple piece that you must keep in your wardrobe. You can dress it up or dress it down. And with the cream top pictured above, you can pair it with bright colored, patterned or even darker colored bottoms. 

4. Bubble Earrings: Bubble jewelry is everywhere this spring. These neon bubble earrings are taking it one step farther, by not being the a typical bubble necklace and for also incorporating neon. These J.CREW ones are decently inexpensive at $16.50, but if you are on a smaller budget check out Forever 21 or Etsy where you can get a pack with multiple colors!

5. Mens Watches: This is a trend that has been popular for quite awhile, and honestly we don't expect it to disappear anytime soon! While rose gold and silver watches are nice for fall/winter, why not bring in the acrylic! This acrylic and rose gold Michael Kors watch pictured above is the perfect spring piece. Not only does it look lighter & brighter with the acrylic, but it also sets you slightly apart from everyone else! 

Introducing Gianna, Our new Contributor!

February 25, 2013

White Fringe Scarf; $25 at | Black & White Striped Dress; $35 at | Sweater, vintage | Joseph M Barbour Quilted Jacket; $200 at | Black Leather ALDO Boots; $140 at | Rose Gold Fossil Watch; $125 at | Silver Pandora Bracelet; $65 at

Hey, everyone! I'm happy to announce that we've just teamed up with an amazing new crew member, Gianna. I thought it would be a great idea for everyone to get to know her since she'll be around, so scroll down to hear her story!

Name: Gianna
School: Fashion Institute of Technology
Major: Advertising and Marketing Communications

Tell us a little about your hobbies and what you do with your free time.
I've been studying theater since I was twelve, so it's has been a big part of my life. A lot of my free time went to performing in regional theater. Recently, I've taken a break from that life. Other hobbies are shopping, reading and obsessing over every fashion magazine for the month, hanging out with friends and getting mani/pedis.

Why Advertising and Marketing Communications?
I've always been a talker, a creative thinker, and I feel like advertising and marketing is an ideal career for someone like myself, with those type of qualities. 

What do you hope to choose as a career path after FIT?
I hope to be working in the world of fashion journalism. Ideally at a fashion magazine, but at this point I'm open to anything!

What would be your dream internship?
Oh my gosh..... Interning at Glamour, Seventeen, Vogue etc. I would literally be happy just being there and fetching coffee!

Tell us your Top 5 favorite brands/stores.
H&M, Necessary Clothing, Urban Outfitters, J CREW, Forever 21.

What is your favorite trend for this Spring season?
Mint! And polka dots. I'm obsessed with polka dots.

What is the item in your closet that you absolutely couldn't live without?
Shoes. I feel like shoes can literally change an outfit. I think a good pair of riding boots in the fall, a great pair of flats in the spring, and a strappy pair of sandals in the summer, can make an outfit.

If you could be any celebrity, dead or alive, who would you be?
This is hard..... Someone no longer with us.... I'd say Judy Garland or Coco Chanel. Alive......... Jessica Alba or Lea Michele (not because I personally like her but I get told at least twice a week that I look like her. So it might be easy to be her).

Follow Gianna on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


obsession confession | wk seven

February 18, 2013

obsession confession | wk seven
H&M Cheetah Print Ballet Flats; $23 | H&M Forest Green Studded Mini; $31 | Stud & Spike Gold Bracelet; $12 | Tory Burch Robinson Square Tote; $691 |  Mara Hoffman Beaded Tribal Tank; $260 | Michael Kors iPhone 5 Case; $35 | ASOS Leather Cap; $37 

Get New York City Style on a Budget

February 16, 2013

my top items of the moment

Since I've been living in New York, I've been obsessing over so many items that I would have never loved living at home. New York has without a doubt changed my style. Everyone in New York is so much classier and stylish versus at home in little old Massachusetts. Especially with my new job at Style Caster, I've been trying my best to look as on trend as possible. Right now, things that have been grabbing my attention on the street of Manhattan are all the above. Bright colored bags (especially for Spring), everything with gold embellishments, denim and leather, beanie hats, and velvet leggings. One thing that really amazes me about style in New York City is when the people are wearing skirts when it's a blizzard. Everyone cares so much about they're clothing and will definitely sacrifice their warmth to achieve looking on trend. I've picked up some really amazing outfit ideas from the inspiring people of this city, and you'll definitely be seeing them in some outfit posts real soon!

Prabal Gurung x Target

February 13, 2013

Prabal Gurung x Target

If you haven't heard of this genius collaboration, you have seriously been on another planet. What seems to be the talk of the town lately is Prabal Gurung teaming up with Target to make a low-priced, but still incredibly trendy and designer collection. Filled with florals, monochromatic, and everything spring, this is without a doubt one of my favorite Target collaborations. Above, you'll see four of my favorite items from this 90 piece collection that includes everything from clothing to purses to sparkling jewelry.

If you can't find something in this collection that you've completely fallen in love with, I'm sorry to say that something has to be wrong with you. There's something for everyone! Prabal, you have truly outdone yourself with this perfect collection!

White Dress with Full Skirt in Floral Crush Print; $49.99; | Black Short-Sleeve Dress in First Date Print; $39.99; | Black Shorts in Floral Crush Print; $26.99; | Black & White Wedge Sandal with Ankle Strap; $29.99;

What to Buy: Valentine's Day

February 12, 2013

What to Buy: Valentine's Day

During Valentine's Day, everyone is usually asking the same exact question: "What should I buy?" Whether you have to buy for your boyfriend, best friend, mom, or dad, you'll probably be in a frenzy looking for that perfect item to put a smile on their face. 

For your best friend: (top left corner) When me and my friends don't have some type of significant other, we usually purchase something for each other just so we don't feel left out on this holiday full of love. When I'm picking out something for my best friend, I usually pick something that I would love to receive because I share the same tastes as most of my friends. Another great thing to do is to go shopping for someone else with your best friend and pick up on things that they talk about liking! This way you can go back to buy it and guarantee that you're friend will love it.

For your boyfriend: (bottom left corner) Boys seem to always be the most difficult people to shop for for some reason. Some are definitely easier than others, but it's much easier to me to buy a gift for a girl than it is for a guy. But, have to fear, I've come up with a great selection of items that your boyfriend is sure to love. From sneakers to XBOX games to some new headphones, guys love tech-y things and things that they can really put to use! Find out what new XBOX game is coming out and purchase it!

For your Dad: (top right corner) Again, my dad seems to be particularly hard to shop for. Every holiday season, my mom and I dread trying to find something that he is sure to like, but doesn't have already. Try buying something personal like a picture frame or something that says "Dad" on it. That way your gift will be something that he doesn't already have and he'll know it was from the heart.

For your Mom: My mom seems to be super easy to buy for to me, but some mothers may be a bit different. My mom loves anything that has thought in it, something sentimental. I think that's really the way to go with mother's because they love anything from the heart (and some new beauty products never hurt!).