Blogger Buzz: Sammy at My Lady Boudoir

March 7, 2013

My Lady Boudoir is written by the fabulous Sammy Challenger. From the UK, she loves to show off her edgy and city slick style to all her fellow fashion lovers. On top of being a fashion blogger, Sammy also loves to write about weddings on her wedding blog, WeddingBoudoir. Make sure you check out what Sammy had to say when we asked her all about the UK and fashion!

Name: Sammy
Blogging From: Cambridge, England

Stylish In Sequins: We hear you’re from the UK! What your favorite part of living there? 
Sammy: I love the architecture! Cambridge is a very beautiful city :)

SIS: Tell us what a normal day for a London fashion blogger is like.
Sammy: Some days are a lot busier than others, i often spend the day going through outfits and taking photos and thinking of the next thing to write about. I really enjoy it :)

SIS: On your blog, you also post a lot of your own photography. It’s amazing! How did you get into that? 
Sammy: I just started off with a normal compact camera and when my dad gave me his old Canon 350d I started to be more experimental with my photos and i started looking at photography books and magazines which is where I get most of my tips from. I have now upgraded to a 600d which has helped with getting better photos.

SIS: What/where is your biggest source of inspiration? 
Sammy: I always look at weheartit for not only fashion inspiration but also photography, it’s an amazing site!

SIS: What is the coolest job you’ve ever had? 
Sammy: I have never done anything special really! I would say blogging is by far the coolest thing I have ever done!

SIS: Favorite hobbies? 
Sammy: Keeping fit, dancing yoga and of course photography!

SIS: Tell us Americans about some of your favorite UK bands/singers. 
Sammy: I've been a fan of a band called Mcfly for many years! (not sure if you know them or not) I’ve been a fan since 2004 and been to every gig!

SIS: We also read that you also run a wedding blog, Wedding Boudoir. Tell us a little bit about that.
Sammy: I started wedding boudoir after I got engaged in 2011 to write about my wedding planning and to share inspirational photos as a kind of mood board for when I need some inspiration

SIS: What is your favorite trend from Spring Fashion Week? 
Sammy: I love pastel coloured clothes! I’m a big fan of colours, I’m into wearing a lot of black/grey coloured clothes.

SIS: Have you ever attended any London Fashion Week events? 
Sammy: Unfortunately I haven’t, I hope to in the future though!

SIS: You also run the FBL (Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle) group on Facebook! Tell our readers a bit more about that.
Sammy: FBL (which stands for fashion, beauty, lifestyle) was created by a blogger called Jess from lookwhatigot and I got involved at the very beginning and become an admin. We have weekly twitter chats #fblchat and the group of full of lovely bloggers who love to get to know new bloggers and keep up with the bloggers they already know. It’s a really nice community and plenty of bloggers to meet!

SIS: If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? 
Sammy: I would have to say Victoria Beckham. Shes so inspirational and I love her style. I met her at a book signing in London a few years and she was so friendly, shes a really nice person. I would love to talk fashion with her, that would be amazing!