What to Buy: Valentine's Day

February 12, 2013

What to Buy: Valentine's Day

During Valentine's Day, everyone is usually asking the same exact question: "What should I buy?" Whether you have to buy for your boyfriend, best friend, mom, or dad, you'll probably be in a frenzy looking for that perfect item to put a smile on their face. 

For your best friend: (top left corner) When me and my friends don't have some type of significant other, we usually purchase something for each other just so we don't feel left out on this holiday full of love. When I'm picking out something for my best friend, I usually pick something that I would love to receive because I share the same tastes as most of my friends. Another great thing to do is to go shopping for someone else with your best friend and pick up on things that they talk about liking! This way you can go back to buy it and guarantee that you're friend will love it.

For your boyfriend: (bottom left corner) Boys seem to always be the most difficult people to shop for for some reason. Some are definitely easier than others, but it's much easier to me to buy a gift for a girl than it is for a guy. But, have to fear, I've come up with a great selection of items that your boyfriend is sure to love. From sneakers to XBOX games to some new headphones, guys love tech-y things and things that they can really put to use! Find out what new XBOX game is coming out and purchase it!

For your Dad: (top right corner) Again, my dad seems to be particularly hard to shop for. Every holiday season, my mom and I dread trying to find something that he is sure to like, but doesn't have already. Try buying something personal like a picture frame or something that says "Dad" on it. That way your gift will be something that he doesn't already have and he'll know it was from the heart.

For your Mom: My mom seems to be super easy to buy for to me, but some mothers may be a bit different. My mom loves anything that has thought in it, something sentimental. I think that's really the way to go with mother's because they love anything from the heart (and some new beauty products never hurt!).