Marc Jacobs Says RIP to Nail Art

February 28, 2013

For all you readers who are obsessed with all Marc Jacobs products, whether it be his gorgeous leather bags or his quirky jewelry, you will be glad to hear that he’s adding a new product to his list: nail polish. However, critics are predicting that this new addition could lead to the death of nail art as we know it. 

Sephora has partnered with Marc Jacobs to sell two new nail polish colors in their stores. Both colors were taken off of Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 runway show. The first color, called “shiny”, is a normal clear coat; while the other color is a deep luscious red, named “Jezebel”. It’s not just the brand name that is attracting customers; these products were created to be long lasting and only require one coat of polish. These seem like pretty normal colors…so why would this lead to the death of nail art you’re still wondering?

Marc Jacobs first exhibited the “shiny” color on the hands of his models. By doing this, he made a big statement. He expressed to the fashion week community that colored nails are not important enough to be shown on the runway anymore. As he is one of the most influential designers in the industry, critics are worried that this statement will filter down and eventually lead to the elimination of all colored nails. Marc Jacobs is a huge inspiration, starting with the “Grunge Look” of the 1990’s all the way to his bright colored looks designed for Louis Vuitton. His creations seem to be reflected all over the world, so why wouldn’t this one be next?

Unfortunately for all of you pining for nail art inspiration on Pinterest, or stalking #nailart on Instagram, it’s time to get out the nail polish remover and say goodbye to creative nails. Marc Jacobs has spoken, and rumor has it the fashion world is about to listen.