Get New York City Style on a Budget

February 16, 2013

my top items of the moment

Since I've been living in New York, I've been obsessing over so many items that I would have never loved living at home. New York has without a doubt changed my style. Everyone in New York is so much classier and stylish versus at home in little old Massachusetts. Especially with my new job at Style Caster, I've been trying my best to look as on trend as possible. Right now, things that have been grabbing my attention on the street of Manhattan are all the above. Bright colored bags (especially for Spring), everything with gold embellishments, denim and leather, beanie hats, and velvet leggings. One thing that really amazes me about style in New York City is when the people are wearing skirts when it's a blizzard. Everyone cares so much about they're clothing and will definitely sacrifice their warmth to achieve looking on trend. I've picked up some really amazing outfit ideas from the inspiring people of this city, and you'll definitely be seeing them in some outfit posts real soon!