Five New Fashionable Spring Trends To Try

February 27, 2013

5 Spring Trends to Try!

At winter comes to a close, Spring is finally beginning to approach us (us East Coasters are crossing our fingers)! There are so many great trends this coming season, you might not know which one to try first! 

1. Polka Dots: We think polka dots are the perfect girly, yet not overly preppy way to experiment this spring. We personally love these sheer, no-sleeve blouses. You can wear them during the day to work, school, or etc with a pair of jeans. You could also transition them into night by throwing on a cute mini  skirt or a pair of white jeans. Not to mention sheer blouses are once again on trend. "Double the trouble" as they say.

2. Mint: Mint is the ideal pastel at the moment. Not too Easter, yet not too dark and dreary. We're obsessed. We know we'll be incorporating a few mint pieces into our wardrobes this Spring!

3. Peplum: Peplum was introduced subtly last spring, but it's back and in full force this Spring season! Peplum is our favorite new staple piece that you must keep in your wardrobe. You can dress it up or dress it down. And with the cream top pictured above, you can pair it with bright colored, patterned or even darker colored bottoms. 

4. Bubble Earrings: Bubble jewelry is everywhere this spring. These neon bubble earrings are taking it one step farther, by not being the a typical bubble necklace and for also incorporating neon. These J.CREW ones are decently inexpensive at $16.50, but if you are on a smaller budget check out Forever 21 or Etsy where you can get a pack with multiple colors!

5. Mens Watches: This is a trend that has been popular for quite awhile, and honestly we don't expect it to disappear anytime soon! While rose gold and silver watches are nice for fall/winter, why not bring in the acrylic! This acrylic and rose gold Michael Kors watch pictured above is the perfect spring piece. Not only does it look lighter & brighter with the acrylic, but it also sets you slightly apart from everyone else!