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December 31, 2012

New Years - New You

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Happy New Years Eve, lovelies! So, obviously it's a little too late to purchase any of these dresses for tonight's festivities, but hopefully you'll love one of them as much as I do & buy it just to have! A recently-discovered favorite website of mine, is providing some of the most amazing New Year's Eve dresses that I've seen thus far. They're at perfect price points, ranging form $30-$70. All of these dresses would be absolutely perfect to party with your friends in, wear out dancing, or just to hang on your closet door for something pretty to look at (don't laugh, I do this!). I apologize for posting Dress #6 so many times in one week, but I can't help but be obsessed it. I mean, com'on, it's literally perfection. 

I hope everyone has an amazing time celebrating and reminiscing how much they're grown, learned, experienced, and done this year. As 2012 shuts the door, I'll be looking back on some of the terrible and embarrassing moments I've had this year, but I'll also look back at 2012 and know that it's been one of the most amazing years of my life - graduating from high school, starting college, bonding with the best group of friends I could ever imagine, and of course, starting one of the most amazing relationships I could ask for. It's almost a bit depressing that the year is ending. 2013 will be a year of change, a year filled with new experiences: moving to the city of hustle and bustle -New York City and attending one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world, making new friends, an internship at Seventeen Magazine, and keeping the ties I have back home all at the same time. I'm eager to start the new year, but still a bit nervous. At this time next year, I hope I look back on 2013 and see how much I've grown and achieved just as I have this year. I wouldn't trade anything I've experienced in 2012; I'm glad it all happened. I've learned, accomplished, and grown more than I could ever imagine that I would have.  Through the tears, the smiles, the happiness, and the sadness, it's been one hell of a ride 2012. Happy 2013, everyone, and may your New Years' Eve be simply fabulous. 

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Outfit: Spring Fling

December 29, 2012

Spring Fling

American Eagle's new Spring 2013 collection has officially launched, and for all of you on a college student's budget - it's right on your mark. Ranging from $20 - $80, AE has one of my absolute favorite collections of theirs to date officially in stores. From girly, bright spring dresses to bohemian frills and feathers, you'll fall absolutely in love with just about every piece. As always, my favorite part of the collection is, of course, the scarves. AE is offering a scarf for just about every outfit you can think of. You absolutely will not be disappointed. Also a great part of the collection, light, spring jackets are on the list of must-haves, and American Eagle is bringing them to you. Ranging from camouflage to denim to your favorite colors, they're light and airy but stylish and easy-to-wear all at the same time. Keep on the look out!

This outfit has to be what I'm most anticipating for the Spring. I know it's still a bit early to be planning outfits for the Spring, but I just couldn't help it. As soon as I saw this American Eagle dress (at only $40!!), I fell happily in love with it. I paired it with my old Hollister jean jacket [similar] (I'm seriously in need of a new denim jacket! I've had this one for YEARS!), my favorite Dolce Vita wedges, a tribal necklace [similar] I recently picked up at JcPenney and of course, my favorite go-to brown belt [similar]. As soon as the weather starts brightening up, so will my wardrobe!