The Summer of Style

June 29, 2012

Dress: American Eagle $50 | Blouse: Target $12 | Shorts: American Eagle $40 | Fedora: Forever 21 $12

So, in celebration of my last day at American Eagle for the summer (don't worry I'm going back for the holiday!), I purchased a few items with my discount and paycheck for the last time this summer! I'm in love with all the items that I purchased! 

First, we have on the left, the most amazing maxi dress that I've ever laid eyes on! It's from American Eagle (originally $50), but with my discount I snagged this baby at only $25! It fits me so perfectly and looks absolutely adorable with a brown belt and brown gladiators (I'll probably make an outfit post with this on in the next week, so look out!) 

Also from American Eagle, I purchased those adorable shorts that you see above. Tell me the lace on the sides isn't the most adorable detail there could possibly be?! They're incredibly comfortable and look good on literally everyone that I've seen try them on! They are originally $40, but with my discount, only $20!

Next, we have the amazing chiffon magenta button-down blouse. I got this from Target on clearance for only $12! It's so perfect for the summer time with a cute bandeau under it (or even your bathing suit if you're going to the beach)! It's light, comfortable, and colorful. Perfect for this summer!

I also got this adorable Fedora hat with the black ribbon on it. Fedora's seem to be incredibly in right now. I picture myself wearing this with my hair wavy and a cute little dress. It was only $12 at Forever 21. They also had some with different color/pattern ribbons on them. Can't wait to try this trend out :)


These Are a Few of My Favorite Things : Jewelry Edition

June 28, 2012

Now, I know everyone has their own taste in jewelry, but I just wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces from my own jewelry collection! 

Number One: Being obsessed with tribal and Native American jewelry (and everything else for that matter) as I am has brought me to having tons of tribal-style jewelry. My favorite piece is my long, silver feather necklace. Pictured in the bottom left corner and on the top right of the photo at the right, my feather necklace was purchased at Charlotte Russe and is easily my favorite piece. I literally wear this with just about everything! It simply looks great with everything and adds that little boho-touch to all my outfits.

Number Two: I rarely wear rings, but when I do it's probably my turquoise, maroon, white, and black tribal ring. It's pictured in the top left corner of the middle photo on the left-hand side. I just recently purchased this ring from the most darling elderly woman at her tag sale for $5. She was so adorable and her British accent made me love her even more! She even brought me into her kitchen to look at the signs she has from London! What a doll.

Number Three: The next favorite item would be my teardrop shaped silver watch necklace. This was actually my Grandmother's necklace and maybe that's why I love it so much. It's super simple and goes great with everything that needs that little something extra.

Number Four: My black feather earrings are definitely my favorite pair of earrings (behind my silver diamond studs, of course!). I hardly ever wear dangling earrings, as I'm always wearing my studs, but I do love these! They're very boho and trendy! I purchased them at Forever 21 a while ago, but I'm sure you could find something similar to these at many other stores, too.

Number Five: Last, but not least! My gold tribal ring. Purchased at Charlotte Russe a while back, I fell madly in love with this ring. I loved that it was chunky and decorative, but still simple and versatile to go with tons of different outfits.

Number Six: I'm sure you've all read about my dangling tribal necklace (the orange, blue, and yellow one) that I just got not too long ago, but if you haven't .. It's from JCPenney for only around $10. They had tons of different colors and styles of this necklace too! It's very in style and at a price that won't bust your budget, what else could you ask for!?


Summer Must-Haves 2012

June 24, 2012

Summer Must-Haves

Hello everyone! So, I haven't done anything interesting enough to post here since Thursday, so I figured I would show you guys a list of my Must-Haves for Summer 2012. I created the set with Polyvore (if you love fashion and haven't heard of Polyvore, I'm doing you a huge favor right now! You can follow me on PV here). On the left is the trend that I love for summer, and on the right is the brand and a link to buy it! Here we go!

0. Sunhats | Intermix Sunhat $96
1. TOMS Shoes | Gray Crochet TOMS $58
2. Beach Bags | Victoria's Secret Neon Beach Bag $20
3. Sunglasses | Mango Aviators $28
4. Hi-Lo Skirts | River Island Hi-Lo Skirt $62
5. Embellished Sandals | Mystique Jeweled Sandals $150
6. Anchor-everything | Minor Obsession Anchor Necklace $315
7. Neon Tanks | Delia's Neon Tank $20
8. Button-down Tops | Rebecca Minkoff Neon Blouse $168
9. Color-block | House of Fraser Color-block Skirt $47
10. Crop Tops | Chicy Floral Crop Tank $?
*. Chunky Jewelry | Maurice's Gem Chunky Bracelet $20


Read Up: Other Words for Love

June 14, 2012

Searching through Barnes & Noble for a new read, I came across "Other Words for Love" by Lorraine Zago Rosenthal. Yes, I judged the book by it's cover. The New York City scene and the word "love" in the title set off bells in my head that I'd be interested.

"Other Words for Love" is a touching story about a girl names Ariadne who falls in love for the first time and is hit with the worst heartbreak of her life. It's really an amazing story with a really upbeat and inspiring ending. With problems in love, family, and friendships, this book is full of drama that will keep you reading until you finish.

My next read: "The Fame Game" by Lauren Conrad. It's a spin-off her last series "L.A. Candy". I'll let you know how it is!

Para, Para, Paradise

June 13, 2012

Chiffon Cut-Off Top | Charlotte Russe $20

 Chiffon Knee-Legnth Skirt | Forever 21 $14

Trial Dangle Necklace | JcPenney $12

White & Gold Chunky Bangle | JcPenney $5

 Tribal Maxi Dress | JcPenney $30

Floral Aviators | JcPenney $15

Destroyed Denim Shorties | American Eagle $30

Since I'll be on a family vacation in a couple weeks, I went to the mall to buy some things for vaca! I never really shopped too much at JcPenney, but I'm glad I did because I found tons of great deals. I fell in love with the tribal maxi dress that I got  (pictured above) and I'll be wearing it for my graduation party, so you'll be able to see a better picture of it after :) Hope you love it all! I sure do.