The Most Perfect Valentine's Day

February 18, 2012

No, I don't have an amazing boyfriend who bought me flowers and surprised me with a box of chocolates, but I do have the best friends ever to exist on the planet.

Tuesday night may have been just what I needed to be as happy as I usually am. I ventured off to Northampton, MA to Pearl Street where I saw Chris Webby in concert along with a good friend of mine who was the opening act, Reese McFly. I met tons of new friends and am living it all over again tonight in Boston. 

After the concert, Tuesday, I went home and went to school in the morning as usual to find that Chris Webby's crew members invited us out to breakfast. So, me and three of my girls left school and ventured back to Northampton for breakfast with Chris Webby and the crew. They invited us to the show tonight in Boston, where we'll be getting in early & free and later hanging out with Chris and the rest of the guys. Tonight should be interesting!

Cannot wait!