AE's Spring Trans is Out!

December 26, 2011

As an American Eagle employee, it's my duty to advertise my store :) So, I just thought that I'd let you all know that American Eagle's new Winter-Spring Trans collection is out in stores and online! Here's a few of my favorite pieces.

AE Spring Trans

From left to right: 
Row 1
Floral Infinity Scarf $20, Open Stitch Cardi $40, Native Tee $20
Row 2
Fleece Anorak $40, Lace Floral Tank $30, Western Flannel $40
Row 3
Embroidered Native Belt $25,  Blue Floral Scarf $20, Cropped Cable Sweater $50

Read Up!

So in the time that I've been neglecting this blog, I've been reading novels like a maniac. I'll let you know about them!

I recently finished up "Dollhouse" by the Kardashians and despite people's snide remarks, this book was amazing. I'm normally a sort of slow reader, but I literally read this book ever spare second I had. It's obvious that the story is based on the three Kardashian sisters and their family and that makes it all the more fun to read. Definitely would recommend it! 

Lipstick Apology is the story of a normal teenager, Emily, who finds out that her parents just died in a plane crash. Her mother left her with an apology written on the airplane pull-out table written in lipstick. The story is Emily's journey of her moving to NYC with her make-up-artist for the celebrities aunt, Jolie, and how she handles it. She also meets a few boys on the way and has to choose between the hot-popular boy and the nerdy one that's been there for her as a crying shoulder. The story is literally amazing & again, I would definitely recommend it!

Artist of the Week: The Maine

Meet the Maine. I chose the Maine to be the Artist of the Week simply because their new album, "Pioneer" is fantastic (and not to mention they're terribly good looking :D). I've been listening to it on repeat since it came out. Some of my favorite songs off "Pioneer" are "Don't Give Up on Us", "Like We Did", and "My Heroine". I seriously suggest you check them out! See if they're touring near you here