Bring in the boots!

October 27, 2011

As you know, winter is around the corner, but fall is my favorite time style-wise. Being comfortable and chic at the same time is SUPER easy during fall because sweaters (so warm!) are so easy to dress up! Here's a few of my ideas for inspirations for your fall outfits!

Fall Fever

got the fall blues

Experience: Teen Vogue Fashion University

October 25, 2011

Friday night: First event of the weekend was the event at H&M for TVFU students and one guest. I brought my best friend Frankie who lives in Brooklyn! All students and their guest got pictures, a discount, and tons of food, hair-feathering, and the entertainment of an amazing British band.

At H&M
In the city!
Saturday: The first seminar was by Michael Kors. He spoke about his fashion background and how he got into the industry and then Amy Astley did a little interview. We then moved on to our seminars that we chose. I registered late, so I unfortunately didn't get to choose my seminars. They were kind of handed to me, but the seminars were still AMAZING. I had seminars by Eddie Borgo (Jewelry Designer) where we all got free jewelry, Lisa Salzer (designer/owner of Jewelry brand "Lulu Frost", Dr. Howard Murad (skincare professional) who gave everyone free skincare products, and the creators of clothing brand NAHM (Ally Hilfiger and Nary Manivong). Also, I was lucky enough to see Betsey Johnson! Then, last of that day, all the editors of Teen Vogue Magazine! Here's some photos (sorry about the picture phone quality) :
Lisa Salzer (Lulu Frost)
Editors of Teen Vogue Magazine
Eddie Borgo

Dr. Howard Murad

Sunday: the last seminar was taught by the fashion director of tumblr, the two women who created Who What, the PR woman for DKNY and the creator of!

It was an all over amazing weekend! Can't wait to do it over again next year :)

Perfectly Pink Party! Sally Hansen + Teen Vogue!

October 17, 2011

Hello, friends & welcome back to Stylish in Sequins! I sincerely apologize about not updating for almost a month! I've been so busy with homework, college visits, work, and friends that I haven't had much time for a computer at all. 

So, as you all know, I got chosen to host a Sally Hansen + Teen Vogue "Perfectly Pink Party" in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (p.s. I CANNOT BELIEVE POOR GUILIANA RANSIC HAS BREAST CANCER!). We got send TONS of Sally Hansen products along with party decorations, candy, and movies! Here are some photos from my party!

Needless to say, we had an amazing time!