Bare Minerals Owns My Heart

July 17, 2011

I spent the night last night at Mohegan Sun Casino & finally got to check out they're newly opened Sephora. So, My favorite makeup brand is Bare Minerals and I was very lucky that last night the Bare Minerals reps were swarming MS's Sephora! They were promoting they're new "Buxom Lash" Mascara. This new mascara works AMAZINGLY and I'll most likely pick some up. I was very surprised at what it does though.. You crank it up for Volume & Thickness and twist it down for Length & Definition. They gave out lanyards with the Buxom logo on it (I got one yayy!). 

Anyways, So a wonderful BM makeup artist (I forgot to catch her name) gave me a makeover & I loved everything she did! She used BM Foundation, a bit of BM Warmth, some BM Pure Radiance (which I fell in love with. It's the perfect mix of sparkles and shine. She also gave me the mini container full for FREE!), some black eyeliner for my upper eyelid, and BM Buxom Coral Lip Stain (to match my shirt), then BM Coral Lip gloss for some shine. I really loved what she did with the eye liner. I NEVER wear eye liner and I might now start! 

Overall, it was a fun experience and if you have the chance I definitely would encourage you to do so!

Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish  Pure Radiance

 xo, Kristen