review: ofra x mannymua liquid lipstick collaboration

July 21, 2016

First of all, if you don't subscribe to MANNYMUA on YouTube, you are missing out on a hilarious and crucial part of life. I love watching Manny's videos because he's very real, very blunt and just plain hysterical.

I am so happy with his color choices for this collaboration. Pictured above, we have (left to right) Hypno, Aries, Charmed. Charmed is easily my favorite since it's such a beautiful, wearable mauve tone that you can wear everyday. Hypno is more of a night out color for me, and I think if I get a little more color this summer, I'll fall more in love with Aries.

Get the Best Results: Make sure that your lips are exfoliated well (as with any liquid lipstick). I like to use the BITE Beauty Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub or if I know the night before that I'm going to be wearing one of these, I'll apply the BITE Beauty Agave Lip Mask before bed and wake up with baby soft lips that are perfect for liquid lipstick application.

- The shades. I think that these 3 shades are truly great for every single skin tone. Even if you don't like one, there are two other very different shades that you'll love.
- Pigmentation. Holy pigment! These are definitely not the type of liquid lipsticks that you need to swipe back and forth multiple times. One swipe across your lips and you have full coverage, no problem.
- Comfort. Since these are super creamy, they really do feel comfortable on the lips. They're definitely not the type of liquid lipsticks that will be crackly and flaky.
- Longevity. I found that these liquid lipsticks lasted easily about 5-7 hours, though some days I did have to touch it up in the center after lunch (especially if something oily or greasy was eaten). If you're eating something that doesn't have an oily consistency, I think you could easily get through lunch with this staying on your lips throughout.

- Texture. For me personally, I wish they were just a little bit more liquidy. These liquid lipsticks are incredibly mousse-y which is great if you're into that type of texture. I find that with a liquid lipstick that is a bit more liquidy, they do last a little bit longer. I wouldn't want them too be too much more liquidy because then the comfort would be compromised, but maybe just a little bit less creamy and I'd be happy.
- Applicator. It's the typical doe foot applicator, but a tiny one at that. Compared to the applicator on the Anastasia liquid lipsticks, this applicator is small, making it nice for detail work, but kind of a hassle if you want to just swipe it on quick and go.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Where to Buy: MANNYMUA x OFRA Liquid Lipsticks; $19.90 at

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